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HISTORY AND INFORMATION The 11th Armoured Cavalry Division takes its origin from 11th Infantry Division of the 3rd Polish Army, which was formed twice: in 1944 and 1945. It was transformed few times: in 1949 into 11th Motorized, in 1952 into Mechanized, and in 1963 into Armoured Division.

King John III Sobieski is the patron of our Division. Division received his name to commemorate the 300th anniversary of victory in the battle of Vienna on the 12th of September 1983, in which Polish forces under command of King John III Sobieski defeated Turkish army. 




Due to the decision of Minister of Defense from the 13th of July 1992 division received the name of 11th Armoured Cavalry Division of King John III Sobieski, becoming the inheritor of combat traditions of the 1st Dresden Armoured Corps and the 1st Armoured Division, which, at the end of war, was commanded by GEN Stanisław Maczek. On the 1st of September 2003, by the decision of Minister of Defense division received its distinctive name „Lubuska”, to emphasize its accomplishment for Lubuski Region. On the 25th of March 2004 Land Forces Command in Warsaw become superior command for Division. To commemorate our relations with General Maczek soldiers, 11th Arm Cav Div is also called „Balck Division”. The Minister of Defense established the 12th of September as a Division Holyday.


Division’s subordinate units are located in the garrisons of Lubuskie, Wielkopolskie and Dolnośląskie Provinces. In Żagań: 11th Armd Cav Div Headquarters, 34th Armd Cav Bde, 11th Command Bn, in Świętoszów: 10th Armd Cav Bde, in Międzyrzecz, Wędrzyn and Krosno Odrzańskie: 17 Mech Bde. 




Soldiers of division took a part in peacekeeping missions in: Egypt, Syria, Cambodia, Lebanon, Angola, Republic of Chad, Bosnia and Herzegovina (led by United Nations or European ); NATO mission in Kosovo (KFOR). Soldiers of our division were in Iraq – IV rotation of Polish Military Contingent – PMC (February – July 2005) and VIII rotation (January – July 2007). We also participated in I and II rotations of PMC in Afghanistan in 2007. In 2008. Soldiers from „Black Division” were also a main combat power during VIII and IX rotation in Afganistan. Since the very first beginning of ISAF operation there were 3649 soldiers from 11th Arm Cav Div.


OUR MISSION 11th Division is the only one armoured division in Polish Land Forces. The main task for division is a preparation and training to an European Battlegroup (EU BG) which will start in 2013/I. UE BG will be composed of approx. 1500 troops plus command and support services from Poland, German and France. 10th Arm Cav Bde is preparing to operate abroad in 2013 during mission of PMC in Afghanistan. Nowadays the main combat assets of division are MBTs Leopard 2A4 and APCs Rosomak. Besides fulfilling its military role, division conducts also crisis management operations in Lubuskie, Dolnośląskie and Wielkopolskie Provinces.




TRAINING Divisional units use military training area facilities in Żagań - Świętoszów, MOUT Centre in Wędrzyn, Air-defense training centre in Wicko Morskie and Mountain Infantry training centre in Jodła. Garrison training facilities are also used to facilitate general and specialist training in Żagań, Wędrzyn, Międzyrzecz, Krosno Odrzańskie and Świętoszów. As a part of international relationships, division takes part in numerous exercises, trainings, seminars and workshops together with NATO forces.




11 Lubuska Armored Cavalry Division

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